Saskatchewan has smaller cities, prairie landscapes, giant blue skies, remote Northern lakes, dry, hot summers and cold, snowy winters. Saskatchewan is the sunniest province in Canada, with some of the best farmland found anywhere in the world. Much of Saskatchewan’s economy is connected to the oil & gas industry, mining and to agriculture – mainly grain crops and livestock. The cost of living in Saskatchewan is generally lower than other Provinces in Canada.


The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program operates a number of different streams by which foreign nationals, both inside and outside of Saskatchewan, can apply for Permanent Residence in Canada. It is possible to apply if:

  • You have a job offer from a Saskatchewan employer, or
  • You have experience in an occupation on the “in-demand” list, or
  • You are already working in certain occupations in Saskatchewan, or
  • You plan to establish a business, or
  • You want to purchase a farm.


1. International Skilled Worker 2. Saskatchewan Experience  3. Entrepreneur 4. Farmer 5. Young Farmer

1. International Skilled Worker

The International Skilled Worker Category is for skilled workers outside of Canada who want to work and live in Saskatchewan

Applicant criteria:

  • You score a min of 60 points out of 100 on the points assessment grid
  • You have a min 1 year work experience within past 10 years in the occupation that enables you to qualify for SINP
  • You are eligible for licensing in Saskatchewan, if required for your occupation
  • You have scored a min CLB 4 on a valid language test

3 Sub Categories

  • Employment offer
    You have a job offer, in a skilled position, from an employer in Saskatchewan who holds a SINP job approval letter

  • Occupation in demand
    1. You are qualified to work in one of the occupations on the in-demand occupation list
    2. No need for a job offer in Saskatchewan
    3. You have completed the equivalent to a min one-year Canadian post-secondary credential
    4. You have funds to settle successfully in Saskatchewan

      You may submit an Expression of Interest online and will be invited to apply based on your overall points total for the SINP skilled worker assessment grid

      Application fee: CAD $300

2. Saskatchewan Experience 

The Saskatchewan Experience Category is for foreign nationals who are already working and living in Saskatchewan, with a valid work permit, for an employer that holds a valid SINP job approval letter. Applicants who work in a NOC C occupation will need to demonstrate a min language score of CLB 4.

5 subcategories

Skilled worker with existing work permit

  • You have been working in SK for at least 6 months with a valid work permit
  • You have a permanent job offer from SK employer in NOC 0, A or B, or in a designated trade
  • You cannot apply to this category if you are a refugee claimant, health professional, food and beverage server or are working on a post grad work permit

Semi-skilled Agriculture worker with existing work permit

  • You have been working as a General Farm worker or Nursery and Greenhouse worker for at least 6 months
  • You have a valid work permit in either Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program, International Experience Canada or Temporary Foreign worker program (LMIA based)
  • You have completed education that is equivalent to a Canadian high school diploma

Health Professionals

  • You have been working as a Physician, Nurse or other health professional for at least 6 months in Saskatchewan, with a valid work permit
  • You meet the licensing requirements for your profession in Saskatchewan

Hospitality Sector Project

  • You have been working as a Food/Beverage server, Food Counter Attendant, Kitchen Helper or Housekeeping/Cleaning Staff for at least 6 months with a SK employer who has SINP Hospitality approval, with a work permit that specifies your occupation
  • You have completed minimum of Grade 12 (or equivalent)

Long-Haul Truck Driver Project

  • You have been working as a long-haul truck driver for a Saskatchewan firm for at least 6 months, with an LMIA based work permit
  • You hold a valid Saskatchewan Class 1A driver’s license


  • You have graduated from a recognized post-secondary institution in Canada
  • You hold a valid post grad work permit
  • You have a permanent job offer in Saskatchewan, for a job that is in NOC 0, A or B, or a designated trade or related to your field of study
  • If you graduated from a school in Saskatchewan, you have a certificate, diploma or degree plus at least 6 months of paid employment (can include work gained while studying)
  • If you graduated from a school in another part of Canada, you have worked at least 6 months on your post grad work permit in Saskatchewan in a position related to your field of study

3. Entrepreneur

This category is for qualified entrepreneurs who plan to start a new business in Saskatchewan.

Applicant criteria:

  • You have a minimum net worth of CAD $500,000 in Net Business and Personal Assets
  • You have a min 3 years relevant business management or entrepreneurial experience within past 10 years
  • You intend to invest a min CAD $300,000 in Regina and Saskatoon or a min of CAD $200,000 in any other Saskatchewan community

Business criteria:

  • You will own at least 1/3 of the equity in the Saskatchewan business, unless your total investment is CAD $1 million or higher;
  • You will provide active and on-going participation in the day to day management of the business
  • You will create 2 new jobs for people who are not related to you (only if establishing a new business in Regina or Saskatoon)

If you meet the minimum entry criteria and intend to start a qualifying business in Saskatchewan, you can submit an online Expression of Interest to the SINP. The Expression of Interest calculates your personal score on the basis of a points grid, and you may be invited to apply as an SINP Entrepreneur if your points are high enough.

Application fee: CAD $2500

4. Farmer

This category is for experienced farmers who plan to buy and operate a farm in Saskatchewan

  • You have a min net worth of CAD $500,000
  • You will make a deposit of CAD $75,000 paid to the SINP, which is refunded if you follow all conditions within 2 years of arrival to Saskatchewan
  • You must first visit Saskatchewan for a min of 5 days and meet with an SINP representative
  • You must demonstrate that your plans to operate a farming operation are viable

Application fee: CAD $2500

5. Young Farmer

Young Farmer Sub – Category

  • You have a personal net worth of min CAD $300,000
  • You are less than 40 years old at time of application
  • You have at least 3 years experience in farm ownership, management or practical farming experience
  • You will provide a proposal for a commercial farming project that will generate at least CAD $10,000 in annual revenue
  • You or spouse must also demonstrate marketable employment skills that enables you to supplement your farming income


World class cities, mountains, ocean, rivers, lakes and rainforests

World class cities, mountains, rivers, lakes, forest, giant blue skies

Smaller cities, prairie landscapes, giant blue skies, remote Northern lakes

Smaller cities, prairie landscapes, giant blue skies, northern forests

Highest population density in Canada, with world class cities, lakes, rivers

Small cities, rugged northern landscapes, forests, rivers, lakes

One small city, artic islands, rugged northern landscapes, forests, rivers

Densely populated Atlantic province with 3 main cities, most bilingual province

Surrounded almost entirely by water, densely populated, moderate climate

One of four Atlantic provinces and the smallest province

One small city, artic islands, rugged northern landscapes, forests, rivers

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